Accounting is an incredibly popular field to work in, and globally, the profession is considered to be a respectable and stable career route. Accountants are needed across many sectors, so there’s always demand for experts in this field.
TSoM will ensure that you stand out in an increasingly saturated market and will give you essential financial knowledge. As ACCA is a pathway for successful accounting careers, TSoM leaves no stone unturned in preparing students for their exams.

Our preparatory courses cater to learners as well as working professionals, providing practical experience and training. TSoM’s ability to offer a quality education has resulted in us earning the status of Gold Learning Partner by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). We are proud to be the only institution in Canada to have gained this prestigious position and we are committed to holding the highest standards in our accounting education. We are always working to improve our ACCA provision and we add value to the core modules and continuously evolve our teaching technique.

The TSoM faculty comprises dedicated professionals who work hard to guide each student and provide personalized attention. They are subject matter experts who are passionate about bringing merit to their teaching.

Accounting programs at TSoM are taught with plenty of practical training and extensive course materials. This includes ACCA study manuals and class notes, revision kits and cards alongside revision classes.

Students will practice using past and mock exams and extensive feedback from tutors will be available. Further exam technique sessions will thoroughly prepare students to take on their examinations successfully.

The module for ACCA preparatory classes cover the following 13 papers:

Applied Knowledge

AB Accountant in Business
MA Management Accounting
FA Financial Accounting

Applied Skills

LW Corporate and Business Law
PM Performance Management
TX Taxation
FR Financial Reporting
AA Audit & Assurance
FM Financial Management

Strategic Professional - Essentials

SBL Strategic Business Leader
SBR Strategic Business Reporting

Strategic Professional - Options

APM Advanced Performance Management
AAA Advanced Audit & Assurance

Why study Accounting at TSoM?

TSoM offers preparatory courses and is a recognized ACCA learning provider in Canada. Bringing a blend of theoretical and applied learning, the school has modeled accounting programs to help you achieve success and gain a strong standing in this vast sector.

ACCA is an important certification as it holds the power to raise your earning potential and increase your job prospects. TSoM spends quality time developing its preparatory courses to reveal deeper insights with the help of subject expert tutors who have years of experience – both within academia and industry. Under their trusted guidance, you will gain the ability to link concepts with actual business frameworks.

The learning experience at TSoM is enjoyable and a highly interactive experience as students learn through the award-winning InterActive study platform. Here, you will get the chance to revise the entire ACCA syllabus through HD video recordings and practice questions.

TSoM also offers mentors to help you earn your qualification with the BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting with Oxford Brookes University, based in the UK, or you can select a pathway with University Canada West’s (UCW) MBA* program in Vancouver. As well as these career enhancement programs, TSoM also offers a free *resit course, if you are required to repeat an exam.  

*Conditions apply