Hospitality and Tourism

Learning how to succeed in hospitality and tourism is a good choice for those who want to travel and visit other countries as this subject can open up positions anywhere in the world.
You will gain transferable business skills that can easily be applied to other sectors, so if you ever want to change your career, you can do so easily. Many businesses rely on excellent customer service and this is one of the key topics of these programs. You can now start online, and finish on campus.

Why study hospitality and tourism at TSoM?

The career-focused hospitality and tourism management programs offered by TSoM come with a range of study options. Each provides a combination of important fundamentals related to hospitality/tourism along with transferable business skills useful in every sector.

All programs combine theory with practice, ensuring students are fully prepared to meet the growing demands of the current job market.

TSoM also goes a step further than most by offering a co-op experience where students make full use of their academic studies within a suitable employment position. This co-op placement policy is one of our strongest USPs, ensuring that students gain real-life experience and, therefore, have a strong standing in the versatile hospitality and tourism sector. The experience also boosts your resume, helping you stand out among your contemporaries.

The programs ensure that you become proficient in all aspects of the hospitality and tourism industry, thus increasing your earning potential and offering you a strong foundation for career progression. Along with specialist knowledge, students gain industry-specific skills which are applicable in all job positions. Most of the programs are powered by Oracle Hospitality, OPERA Property Management Cloud Service which offers a cloud-based and mobile-friendly platform of learning.  Many of the program are powered by Knowledge Matters' Case Simulations Hospitality Collection. The Hospitality Collection offers students experiential learning on the fundamentals of hotel management and lodging operations via interactive, visually immersive simulations.

The expert faculty members at TSoM offer students a comprehensive insight into the hospitality and tourism sector, placing core emphasis on providing valuable customer-driven service. Their in-depth academic knowledge and extensive industry experience puts them in a good stead to guide students on applying their knowledge to relevant scenarios. At TSoM, we make learning an individual-centric experience where students can enjoy an interactive and conducive environment for growth.


TSoM hospitality and tourism programs

The hospitality & tourism management programs at TSoM cater to specific sets of requirements that will help you pursue different roles in the industry. Here is a list of diplomas that you can explore from:

Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management Co-op

This one-year program powered by Oracle Hospitality and Knowledge Matters focuses on providing necessary skills for hotel management like teamwork, exceptional hospitality knowledge and more through theoretical knowledge along with supervised practical training. It is offered through 24 weeks of in-class and 24 weeks of co-op placement.

Diploma in Fundamentals of Hospitality and Tourism Co-op

The two-year Co-op diploma imbibes fundamental skills to ensure that students are fully proficient to provide five-star service to customers at both national and international scales. The program consists of 42 weeks of in-class learning and 30 weeks of co-op placement.

Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management Co-op

This two-year advanced diploma is ideal for those aspiring to managerial positions in the field of hospitality and emphasises on core managerial capabilities like operational strategy and marketing. The program is powered by Oracle Hospitality and Knowledge Matters. It equips students with enhanced managerial skills through 48 weeks of in-class learning and 24 weeks of co-op placement.

Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management

The two-year diploma equips you with efficient managerial techniques and customer service training. This program is powered by Oracle Hospitality and Knowledge Matters. The program is offered across 48 weeks of in-class study and is currently available through a blended learning platform.

Certificate in Customer Service Excellence Co-op

This 31-week program consists of 12 weeks of co-op placement in a related sector where you will learn hospitality management and associated skills from industry experts. The program is powered by Oracle Hospitality and offered through 12 weeks of in-class learning and 12 weeks of co-op learning.