Sherryl Kintu Scholarship Fund

The Sherryl Kintu Scholarship was set up as a tribute to, and in recognition of, the passions and interests of Sherryl Kintu, who was a dedicated employee of Global University Systems for 9 years where she rose from Executive Assistant to a Director level position. Sherryl sadly passed away in April 2021. Sherryl was known as a trustworthy friend to individuals and the company, with a passion and drive for everything she did. Applicants to this scholarship are expected to reflect these qualities.

Fully funded by:

Toronto School of Management / Global University Systems


All applicants for select business programs

Scholarship Amount:

100% on the full tuition fee of your study program

The aims and objectives of this scholarship are guided by the ideas and thoughts of Sherryl’s family and friends, and ultimately to drive the success of a worthy individuals in the directions Sherryl would have wished.
The scholarships are supported by the Executive CEO and Founder of Global University systems in recognition of Sherryl’s contribution. To commemorate Sherryl’s passion for entrepreneurship and commitment to excellence at work the Sherryl Kintu Scholarship committee will look for a plausible successful outcome in line with aims and objectives of the scholarship.

In particular:

  • The overall quality of your application - clear evidence of ‘passion’, ‘drive’, ambition, and business/entrepreneurial acumen will carry particular weight
  • The apparent need for funding
  • The goals and progression you will achieve arising from the Scholarship

Scholarship Application Form

Students have until January 31, 2022 to apply.